Collection Designans - Panneau Fleurs

Our design office is at your service!

Staff Décor's expertise unleashes the creativity of architects and designers.


As our design office fully masters the various CAD software packages (Autocad, Revit, STL, Delcam, etc.) and combines them with our own virtual modelling tools, we are able to share data with our customers during the very earliest project research phases. This exchange of information enables us to design bespoke items in decorative plasterwork more effectively, detecting potential problems before manufacturing begins. Sometimes, prototypes are also required to check the aesthetic outcome of projected creations or planned installations. Once they have been modelled, the products are cut out or set into parts using virtual technology and machined or printed in 3D depending on their size and complexity. Using new technology to make our moulds ensures that the elaborate shapes we obtain from moulded decorative plasterwork have the regularity and precision they need to be successfully applied in your project.